Thuan Stevens

Who am I?

I was at BYU sitting in a career counselor's office going over all the different jobs that interest me. She had me take a career test and the results steered me toward optometry, law, psychology, or education. Each of these jobs have something in common. Helping people. Another test we talked about was finding out what animal you relate to. The test shows that I'm a monkey. A monkey. It says: "Monkeys are intelligent and nimble, working well as part of a team and taking an innovative approach to problem solving. This might be useful in positions that rely on good teamwork skills and require you to think outside the box". That's me. I like to get up and do! I don't sit around and dream. I like innovation. I stood up and told my career counselor: "I want to do what you do". I didn't want to wait. I'm impatient and I'm a mover. I took exactly 2 years for my undergrad in Human Development and 2 more years to obtain a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. I want to innovate all I learn and then sit and counsel like my counselor when I'm too old for more innovations.

What I did and what I do:

I started learning leadership skills by working at call centers as a supervisor. I coached people in talking precisely our goals. I took on a job as a research assistant and translator for a professor at BYU. I became a distributor for Mary Kay and Nuskin. I wanted to be trained and licensed to be a financial counselor. I started working as a life skills counselor at the House of Hope. I also love teaching English and teaching music. I started becoming a jack of all trades.

Although I've dipped into many areas of work my goals are clear. I want to increase my knowledge and soak in everything I can during my lifetime. I started blogging, keeping a journal of everything I think of and one day an idea popped in my head. What if I start a school, an art academy.

That's the day that Nam Art Academy was born. I can connect teachers all over the world to teach what they're good at. Be it communication, language, photography, investing, wood working, music, or whatever life skills you are talented in. You can contribute something to make this society great. We all have our circles of influence whether that circle is big or small. What matters is the quality of our influence.